Sunday, 6 September 2009

Episode 5: Back-to-School

0:00 -- Babble about me
I commit to irregular podcasting, and divulge my back-to-school resolutions:
1) loose weight
2) work efficiently
3) spend less

7:30 -- Contest Info
I am offering a copy of the Yarn Harlot's Free Range Knitter. To be eligible, please leave a comment with your back-to-school resolution. I will draw at random on September 20th!

8:40 -- On & Off my Needles
I have finished the Imagination Cowl, a pair of vaniall socks, and the Rivolo lace scarf! Pics on Ravelry, where my name is purlhussy. I also updated on the Deep Breath Sweater (almost done), and admitted to farming out this ugly beast of a cardi-coat for finishing:

17:45 -- Musical Interlude
Ghost NotesMatthew Barber
"Modern Woman" (mp3)
from "Ghost Notes"
(Outside Music)

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21:30 -- Mate Selection
I wrapped up this first series on mate selection, by talking about a study that demonstrate that like attracts like:
Narcissism guides mate selection: Humans mate assortatively, as revealed by facial resemblance, following an algorithm of "self seeking like".
Alvarez, Liliana1; Jaffe, Klaus1
Evolutionary Psychology. Vol 2, 2004, pp. 177-194
Theoretical studies suggest that mating and pair formation is not likely to be random. Computer simulations suggested that sex among genetically complex organisms requires mate choice strategies for its evolutionary maintenance, to reduce excessive ...
Journal Pages: 177-194

and one demonstrating that we approach those of similar physical attractiveness:
Physical attractiveness and dating choice: A test of the matching hypothesis.
Berscheid, Ellen1; Dion, Karen; Walster, Elaine; Walster, G. William
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Vol. 7(2), Mar 1971, pp. 173-189
Examined whether the failure of previous studies to support the hypothesis, that individuals chose to date those whose "social desirability" level is similar to their own was due to minimization of possibility of rejection. 2 experiments with 347 and ...
Journal Pages: 173-189

Finally, I talked about a study that marries the evolutionary & social exchange approaches:
Integrating evolutionary and social exchange perspectives on relationships: Effects of gender, self-appraisal, and involvement level on mate selection criteria.
Kenrick, Douglas T.1; Groth, Gary E.; Trost, Melanie R.; Sadalla, Edward K.
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Vol 64(6), Jun 1993, pp. 951-969
Two studies examined which traits males and females desire in partners at various levels of relationship development in an attempt to integrate evolutionary models (which emphasize sex differences) and social exchange models (which emphasize ...
Journal Pages: 951-969

41:45 -- Inspired Pattern: Smitten

45:30 -- Ending music
Ghost NotesMatthew Barber
"Easily Bruised" (mp3)
from "Ghost Notes"
(Outside Music)

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  1. Hi Alison,

    I was SO glad to see a new episode when I returned from work this afternoon. Your voice, style, and content all meld into excellence.

    I, too, am in education - at the elementary/middle school level. I'm a school librarian/technology coordinator. Our theme this year is "The Future Is Yours", and we were all asked to formulate a goal or three for the coming school year. Goals can be personal or professional, or both.

    Here's mine:
    I've long been lashing myself with a wet noodle as to my weight, and finally got around to doing something about it after I returned from vacation this July. Have lost 10 lbs. since the first of August, and am starting on the second ten. The ultimate goal is to be 50 lbs. down.

    That's my goal!


  2. Since my daughter started kindergarten just this year, my back-to-school goal is to do everything I can to make her first year of school a positive experience so she will do well and like school. So I've been helping out in her class and working with her on school assignments at home.

  3. Hi
    I've been enjoying your podcast. My goal is to be in bed at 11 or the lastest midnight. (It's 11.23. Sigh.)

  4. Hi Alison!

    My goal is to not eat after dinner. Late night snacking is my weakness but I know I can do it!

    Thanks for another great podcast!

  5. i just found your podcast and am enjoying it. Goals...I am a new knitter and am trying to knit a little each day...of course lose weight...minimize the clutter in the house...

    Thanks again for the great podcast!

  6. I'm Tea, from Italy but finnish... resolutions? Satsh knitting ... being there for the family (4kids and husband) and being a better person... =)