Thursday, 4 February 2010

Episode 11: Let the Spinning Commence!

0:00 -- All about my spinning weekend at Earnley Concourse.
I produced this:
I am now the proud owner of an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.

13:45 -- On my needles
My proposed Ravelympics project is the Little Bubbles Cardigan.

22:10 -- Family Psychology
I talked about twin and adoption designs. The specific twin study about risk for divorce was:
Genetic influence on risk of divorce.
McGue, Matt1; Lykken, David T.
Psychological Science. Vol 3(6), Nov 1992, pp. 368-373
Explored the separate influence of genetic and environmental factors on risk of divorce by examining divorce status of 1,516 same-sex twin pairs (722 monozygotic [MZ] and 794 dizygotic [DZ]), their parents, and their spouses' parents. Concordance for ...
Journal Pages: 368-373