Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Episode 3: Vanilla Sock Love

0:00 - Intro music by Antoine Dufour
ExistenceAntoine Dufour
"The Heart of the Matter" (mp3)
from "Existence"
(Candy Rat Records)

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0:45 - About Me
My personal knitting history, mostly featuring 80s disasters.

8:55 - On my Needles
I talked about my love of knitting vanilla socks, one at a time, using the magic loop method.
I use a v simple Regia pattern that comes free with the yarn.
I like keeping my sock knitting in one of these adorable Cath Kidston zipper pouches.
Here's a pic of mine:

I also talked about getting one pair of adult + one pair of baby socks out of 100g of sock yarn. So cute:

I am busy updating my projects & stash on Ravelry, where my username is purlhussy.

Finally, I asked for listeners to get in touch with suggestions for vanilla socks worked from the toe-up.

17:50 - Musical Interlude
MercyKelley Hunt
"Love" (mp3)
from "Mercy"
(88 Records)

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22:00 - Mate Selection: Part 3

I talked about studies that have critiqued evolutionary approaches to mate selection.


Evolved sex differences in the number of partners desired? The long and short of it.
Pedersen, William C.1; Miller, Lynn Carol1; Putcha-Bhagavatula, Anila D.1; Yang, Yijing1
Psychological Science. Vol 13(2), Mar 2002, pp. 157-161

Reproductive freedom, educational equality, and females' preference for resource-acquisition characteristics in mates.
Kasser, Tim1; Sharma, Yadika S.
Psychological Science. Vol 10(4), Jul 1999, pp. 374-377

36:00 - Inspired Pattern - A Cabled Purse

39:25 - Ending Music
New Shade of BlueKelley Hunt
"It Ain't Over When It's Over" (mp3)
from "New Shade of Blue"
(88 Records)

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